Pentecost Litany: The Coming of the Spirit

Here are gathering words (or litany) for Pentecost. They were written by John Bucki, and posted on the Center of Concern website.

Gathering Words for Pentecost Sunday
(inspired by Acts 2:1-13)

The coming of the Spirit transforms the Christian community.
       Locked doors are opened.
       Fear is replaced by courage.
       Peace is proclaimed.
       The power to forgive sins is present.
       Those who were afraid now speak up boldly.
       Thousands hear the message in their own language.

The coming of the Spirit is reflected in our social values.

In a world of racism and xenophobia and fear of immigrants,
the Spirit speaks to people of every nation under heaven.

In a world of fear and doubt and confusion,
the Spirit inspires people to open the doors and speak out
especially about issues of justice and peace.

In a world of selfishness, competition, and control,
the Spirit gives out gifts that are shared for the benefit of all
especially those who are poor or in need.

In a world with war, violence and terrorism,
the Spirit proclaims a message of peace and reconciliation to all.

In a world of economic problems,
the Spirit reminds us that the things of the world are meant to be shared by all
and are to be used for the common good.

In a world where the environment is abused and overused,
the Spirit calls to reform how we live and to use the earth with care and love.

In a world of ideology and prejudice,
The Spirit calls us to think about things in a new way.

~ written by John Bucki, SJ and posted on the Center of Concern website.