Apr 30, 2017

Prayer Reflection: Through Light and Shadow

Here’s a thoughtful prayer reflection from Sally’s Eternal Echoes website.

Through Light and Shadow

through light and shadow
I am led, I follow,
through the ins and outs
the ups and downs 
of these days,
when my heart is failing,
when my spirit rejoices,
when I can barely put one foot 
in front of the other
still you beckon me on...
when I stumble you support me,
when I can go no further 
you carry me,
through light and shadow,
in death's dark vale,
and on the mountain peaks
you lead me,
through tangled webs,
on rocky ground,
on smoother paths,
through light and shadow
you lead me,
I follow,
may I never
walk alone...

~ written by Sally, and posted on Eternal Echoes. http://sallysjourney.typepad.com/sallys_journey/