Apr 7, 2017

Prayer of Blessing for Graduates

Here’s a prayer of blessing for graduating students. It was posted on the Prayerscapes website.

Prayer of Blessing

Almighty God,

Thank you for your love, freely offered for us all.
Thank you for this special day,
and for all the graduating students who are assembled here.

May they feel a sense of achievement in this milestone,
and excitement for what lies ahead.

May each one know your presence in their lives,
and find ways to use their abilities for your glory
and for the furthering of your kingdom on earth.

May they continue to live lives of curiosity and discovery,
of dedication and discipline,
of compassion and generosity,
and in doing so bring great blessings to the world. Amen.

~ adapted from a prayer posted on Prayerscapes.  http://www.prayerscapes.com/prayers/