Apr 30, 2017

Intercessions: Good Shepherd Sunday

Here is a prayer of intercession for Good Shepherd Sunday (the fourth Sunday of Easter), or any other Sunday on which John 10 and/or Psalm 23 is a focus. It was posted on the Life in Liturgy website.

Prayer for Others
for Good Shepherd Sunday

O God, our loving Shepherd,
you come to us with the strength and love of a father,
and the tender mercies, patience and protection of a loving mother.
We see you in the very living of our days,
and yet we so often fail to praise you or to offer our burdens to you.
Hear us, Lord,
as we lift to you our prayers for others and for ourselves.

We pray for those in need–those who hunger or are homeless.
We pray for those in pain—the abused, brokenhearted and lonely.
We pray for the sick in body and in mind, and for those who grieve.
For the life of this community and all those who put their trust in you
for all their todays and all their tomorrows,
we pray that your lovingkindness to the world would be offered
through our hands, our words, our deeds, our hearts.

Free us, Lord, as your own people,
to sing your praise in the work of our everyday lives.
In those comings and goings of our simple and complicated living,
make us instruments of your peace and grace
in weary days with weary people.

Bless our memories, O God,
that in our remembering we may partake
of the mystery that is eternal life in its fullness.
For we pray in the presence of your risen Christ,
our Lord and Savior. Amen.  

~ posted on Life in Liturgy, from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). https://lifeinliturgy.wordpress.com/