Apr 7, 2017

Commencement Benediction

Here’s a closing benediction at a Commencement service. It was written by Rev. Connie Breaux, and posted on the Discipleship Ministries website.

Graduation Benediction

Receive this blessing to go into the world:

May you have the commitment to go into the world
being led by the Great Spirit of Hope and Imagination,
to see the gifts and achievements
that the Almighty Creator calls out of you.

May you have the courage to live your "impossible dreams"
so that they will become possible!

May you also have the courage not to look back –
because you are confident that the Source of all creation
will use you in a mighty way for the purpose to which you are called.

As you go forth, put into practice
the accumulated knowledge you have achieved.

Go forth with your feet firmly planted
on the solid ground plowed by your family, friends
and teachers of your heritage and society.

Go to heights quite beyond your present capabilities
as you follow the lead of God,
who gives faith, wisdom, understanding and blessings.

Go, knowing that what you have received today is yours
and nothing can separate you
from the Great Source of Knowledge and Wisdom, the Master Teacher.

Go in peace.

~ written by Rev. Connie Breaux, 2008. Posted on the Discipleship Ministries website (The United Methodist Church). https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/