Call to Worship Litany: Resurrection Morning

Here is an opening litany for Easter Sunday morning. I found it posted on the covered in the master’s dust website.

Easter Call to Worship Litany

Hold your head high, Christ has risen!
Death has been conquered.
Christ has restored us to new life.
All that is broken has been made whole.
Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?

Hold your head high, Christ has risen!
From a triumphant Palm Sunday to a dark Friday,
passing through sorrow, through death, to life and joy,
we arrive at Easter.
We know that joy and sorrow,
life and death are bound together.
By the power of God, the cross could not defeat Christ. 
The tomb could not hold him.

Hold your head high, Christ has risen!
Carry forward God’s healing.
Carry it to a world where truth and justice
triumph over evil and oppression.
You have been called out of death and into new life!

Rejoice! Life bursts through death. 
Jesus Christ is alive for evermore! Alleluia! 

~ used in worship at Mulberry Street United Methodist Church, Easter Sunday 2012.  Posted on covered in the master’s dust.