Pastoral Prayer for Holy Week

Here is a prayer for Palm Sunday (or the Wednesday in Holy Week when Hebrews 12:1-3 is traditionally read). It comes from John Vest’s website.

Pastoral Prayer for the End of Lent
(inspired by Hebrews 12:1-3)

Gracious and loving God,
In the journey of life, you are our guide and our companion.
From our beginning to our end, you are there.

You run this race alongside us,
at times encouraging us,
at times comforting us,
at times tending to our wounds,
at time carrying us when we don’t think we can take another step.

For six weeks we have been on a Lenten journey,
and you have been right here with us—
with us in our discipline and devotion,
with us in our weakness and failure,
with us in our fear,
with us in our hope.

As we spend this final week with Jesus in Jerusalem,
we are amazed once again by his gentle spirit and fierce determination.
As he confronts those who challenge him,
he confronts our own stubbornness and defiant wills.
As he cares even for those who hate him,
we are challenged to love as he loves.
As he bears witness to the emergence of your kingdom,
our eyes are opened to your presence all around us.
As he moves with resolve toward his dark destiny,
we find ourselves struggling to understand why it has to be this way.

God, the journey is not just about the destination;
it is about each step along the way.
The journey itself is a blessing,
with all of its joys and sorrows.
As we run this race you are shaping us into new people.
As we move with you, we are continually born anew.
Help us to be attentive to each step,
in the darkness and in the light.
Help us to fully experience all that we encounter,
the good and the bad,
for in it all we discover you.

Though the race of life goes on,
our Lenten journey is nearing its conclusion.
Bind us ever closer to Christ,
so that we may turn our hearts and minds
to all that he experienced in the crucible of this holy week,
a week both terrible and wonderful.
Hear us even now as we join our voices to his, saying together the prayer he taught us.
Our Father…

~ written by John W. Vest, and posted on John Vest.