Pastoral Prayer for Holy Week

Here is a pastoral prayer for Holy Week. It was written by John Vest, and posted on his website (see link below).

Pastoral Prayer for Holy Week

God of our lives,
Six weeks ago we gathered in this place to begin our Lenten journey.
We reflected on our mortality, on our need for each other, on our need for you.

Since that day of ashes, we have journeyed day by day to Jerusalem,
to the procession of palms and hosannas,
to the temple and to the streets,
to the Garden of Gethsemane and what lies beyond.

It has not always been an easy journey.
We have been stretched and challenged,
as we will continue to be in the days to come.
We are grateful, God, that we have not been alone on this way.
We are grateful that you have been with us all the while,
supporting us even as you confront us.

And we are grateful that we have had each other as travelling companions.
You have created us to be in community with each other,
and in days like this we know why.
Thank you for this sacred community,
cast in your image, shaped by your love.
Help us, as we follow Jesus together,
to broaden our concept of community,
to include not only those we know and love,
but also strangers both near and far,
and, yes, even our enemies and those who hate us.

Capture our hearts and minds with a vision of your kingdom,
and inspire us to work tirelessly to bring it to be in this world.

You have shown us, God, what is right and just;
you have shown us what it means to love as you love.
In Christ, you have shown us what it means to give everything to this call,
to live lives of radical obedience, radical humility, radical love.

Lord, may we live our lives with such determination and focus
that we might find the courage to lay aside
the pleasures, comforts, and needs of our own lives
in order to give life to others—indeed, abundant life for all.

God, you call us to be a part of your kingdom;
you call us to lead others to it.
So hear us now as we pray for the coming of that kingdom,
in the words Jesus taught us long ago.

Our Father…

~ written by John W. Vest, and posted on John Vest.