Prayer: First Sunday of Epiphany

Here’s a prayer of petition from Rev. Mindi’s Rev-o-lution website. It was inspired by Genesis 1:1-3.

(inspired by Genesis 1:1-3)

Almighty God,
Your Spirit swept over the waters of creation;
You are sweeping over us now, creating something new.

Call us away from the distractions of the world
to experience what You are doing now, in us,
and through us,
and in our world.

Open us to a new awakening, a new beginning,
where we look through the lens of the goodness of Your creation,
experiencing all possibilities in You.

Turn us away from the negative lens,
and lead us to the light.
In the name of Jesus, who leads us into life, we pray. Amen.

~ written by Rev. Mindi, and posted on Rev-o-lution.