Prayer: Blessings

Here’s a prayer of petition from Thom M. Schuman’s Prayers4Today website.


give me, O God, this day: 

   so i can see you in the 
      most vulnerable; 

         a cup 
   to catch the tears 
   of all who weep; 

         an arm 
   for the longanimous [long-suffering] to 
   cling to as they walk 
      through life; 

         a broken heart 
   which can heal those 
   who have harmed me; 

   which looks at the other 
   and sees your beloved (not 
      an object); 

   which embraces those 
   we are taught to fear; 

   which welcomes those 
   who are ridiculed as 
      they shadow you; 

   of hope, of comfort, of grace 
   whispered in the ears 
      of all who are slandered 
      for your name. 

~ written by Thom M. Shuman, copyright  © 2014 Thom M. Shuman.  Posted on Prayers 4 Today.