Call to Worship: Unity in the Church

Here’s an opening litany for a service of Christian Unity. It was written by Christine Sine and posted on Godspace.

Opening Litany: You Call us to be One

God who is One, You call us to be one,
May we be one with all who are made in Your image.
God who is Three, You call us to be community,
May we find community with all who are called by Your name.
God who calls us all by Your name,
May find our place in Your eternal family.

Pause to remind yourself of the rich diversity of Christ’s body.

God Almighty,
today by the power of Your spirit we unite in prayer,
We unite with all our sisters and brothers in Christ.
We unite with sisters and brothers
from all Christian churches and denominations,
We unite with all who are joined by the holy spirit of God.
We unite with followers from every church and congregation,
We unite with God’s sons and daughters
from every creed and culture.

~ from the Lenten series Journey into Wholeness written by Christine Sine. Published in 2009 by Mustard Seed Associates.  The entire series is available on the Godspace website.