Affirmation of Faith: Christian Unity

Here’s a responsive affirmation of faith from Christine Sine and the Godspace website.

Affirmation Litany

God, today we believe that you dwell in all
who confess Jesus as the Son of God,
God, today we will open our ears
to hear each one who confesses Jesus as the Son of God.
God, we believe you invite us
to accept each other as sisters and brothers,
God, today we accept and embrace
all who call themselves by your name.
God, we believe you call us to love each other
as we do ourselves,
God, with all our hearts,
we will strive to love our brothers and sisters
from every denomination and group.

God, we believe you ask us to use our gifts
to serve each other in unity and understanding,
God, may we, in a spirit of love and care,
use our gifts to build each other up.
God, we believe that in unity together
we will come to a full knowledge of Christ,
God, may we grow together into the knowledge
of the one in whom all things fit together.

~ from the Lenten series Journey into Wholeness written by Christine Sine. Published in 2009 by Mustard Seed Associates.  The entire series is available on the Godspace website.