Dec 14, 2016

Christmas Prayer: Here is where we meet You

Here is a thoughtful prayer for Christmas Eve/Day from Roddy Hamilton.

Christmas Prayer

When all of time is crushed into a few moments
on the edge of everything
teetering on the brink of a new belief in the future
here is where we meet you, O God.

In the last moments of darkness
before the breaking in of the light
and the cry of a woman
and the birth of love
here is where we meet you, O God.

As silence deepens and the wonder stretches
and the ancient past, becomes our longed for future
and the word of the prophets
slip into fulfilment
here is where we meet you, O God.

Creating God
hold this moment
made of every time
and may we breath along with all those
who have been here before
to the heartbeat of hope
and know this moment
so full of expectation
is as sacred as they get
for contained here
is all the hope of the future
and the fulfilling of ancient longing

In the snarl of silence
as the universe bends with the weight of anticipation
where the worry is greatest
and the moment most urgent
here is where we meet you, O God,
in flesh.

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws.