Christmas Call to Worship

Here’s a call to worship for Christmas from James Hawes. It was posted on Sunday Papers.

Call to Worship for Christmas: One of Us

For God to become a baby he had to
Squeeze himself into a small space
Confine himself into a fallible body
Restrict himself to humanity
Reduce himself to limited movements
Become weak and vulnerable
Rely on humans to take care of him

For Christ to become one of us
He had to be born like us
The light was hidden within the womb
The thirst quencher received refreshment from the breast of Mary
The bread of life had to learn how to eat
The one who holds us, first had to be held
The Lover was loved
The Way had to learn to walk
The Word had to learn to speak
The Teacher was taught
The Creator how to create
This is our God!

~ posted by James Hawes, on Sunday Papers.