Oct 22, 2016

Litany for All Saints

Here’s an example of a litany for All Saints Day. It comes from the Christian Church Foundation website. The author notes that “Biblical, historical, denominational, congregational names can be changed.”

All Saints Litany

Gracious God,
you are to be praised
for the women and men whose faithful witness to your love
inspires each generation of your people:

Abraham and Sarah,
who believed your promise
even when they were old and barren;

Isaiah of Jerusalem,
who in a time marked by terror,
proclaimed that the lion would lie down with the lamb;

whose loyalty to Naomi
became a model for people of every time and place;

who risked her life before the king to save her people;

Paul of Tarsus,
who was beaten and shipwrecked
while carrying the Gospel to us, the Gentiles;

Mary Magdalene,
who ran from the tomb crying out that Jesus was alive;

Martin Luther,
who spoke afresh of salvation by grace alone through faith;

Thomas Campbell, Barton Stone, and Alexander Campbell,
who yearned for a church with the vitality of the New Testament church;

Caroline Neville Pearre and Matilda Hart Younkin
who created missions throughout the world
and benevolence throughout the nation.

All the saints of this congregation whom we name before you today:
(reading of names)
Let us pray.

God of all people,
we recall the names of these witnesses,
we pray they will inspire us with their extravagance:
excessive love,
flagrant mercy,
radical affection,
exorbitant charity,
immoderate faith,
and intemperate hope
as in the way of Jesus Christ. Amen.

~ from “Celebrating All Saints Day: Resources for Congregational Ministry and Worship,” Rev. Richard J. Hull II, Contributing Author.  http://www.christianchurchfoundation.org/userfiles/files/allsaintsdayworshipresource2012.pdf