Pastoral Prayer for Ascension

Here’s a prayer of intercession/commitment for Ascension Day or Ascension Sunday.  It was written by rev karla and posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer of Intercession on Ascension
(inspired by the events in Acts 1:6-11)

Holy One,
We gaze towards misty heavens
knowing you were just with us,
and now you are gone.

We watch the skies for just a glimpse of your dazzling grace,
and you send us angels,
to bring our hearts and minds and soul
back into our lives, our bodies, this very present moment,
where your presence is more difficult to see
in the midst of war, of random killing sprees,
still-missing Nigerian school girls,
bloody revolutions,
and random thoughtless cruelty.

Your angels come to us through the ordinary moments,
reminding us to pray in spite of and because of…

Your angels remind us that You indeed will empower us
to be your light and life and hope in this world,
to the ends of the earth,
wherever courage and grace is needed.

We are your people, God,
and as much as we love sky-gazing,
we know that you call us to give witness
in the middle of terror, anxiety, illness, death, and apathy.

Help us to listen deeply, see far and wide,
and live faithfully.

In Christ we pray,

~ written by rev karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.