Mother's Day Prayer: To the Moms Who Are

Here’s a Mother’s Day prayer from Hannah Kardon.  It was posted on the Jesuit Resource website.

To the Moms Who Are

To the Moms who are struggling,
to those filled with incandescent joy.

To the Moms who are remembering children who have died,
and pregnancies that miscarried.

To the Moms who decided other parents
were the best choice for their babies,
to the Moms who adopted those kids and loved them fierce.

To those experiencing frustration or desperation in infertility.

To those who knew they never wanted kids,
and the ways they have contributed to our shared world.

To those who mothered colleagues, mentees,
neighborhood kids, and anyone who needed it.

To those remembering Moms no longer with us.

To those moving forward from Moms who did not show love,
or hurt those they should have cared for.

Today is a day to honor the unyielding love and care for others
we call 'Motherhood,' wherever we have found it
and in whatever ways we have found
to cultivate it within ourselves.

~ Hannah Kardon, Pastor at Elston Avenue United Methodist Church. Posted on Jesuit Resource website.