Call to Worship for Mother's or Father's Day

Here’s a call to worship for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. It comes from Carol Penner’s Leading in Worship website.

Call to Worship for Mother’s Day
or Father’s Day

Father of us all, Mother of each one,
thank you for your love for us from the beginning of time.
You formed us when we were in our mother’s wombs,
you knit us together lovingly,
your devotion  to us has not failed,
your care has followed us our whole life long.
All we are and all we have, we owe to you,
and so on this, the Lord’s Day,
in this house devoted to your glory,
we give honour to you
with our hearts and hands and voices.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

~ written by Carol Penner, and posted on Leading in Worship.