Transform Our Praise: Prayer Based on Psalm 150

Here’s a prayer inspired by Psalm 150.  It was written by Jeff, and posted on Philosophy Over Coffee. (See link below.)

Prayer: Transform Our Praise
(inspired by Psalm 150)

When we offer our praise,
what don’t you already know?
What haven’t you already heard?
What poetry or prose would be new
or impressive or exceptional to you?
What music has not yet moved upward and outward
into the vastness of your being?

We praise from within white walls, polished oak, and stained glass;
We praise alongside lakes, on beaches,
through treetops and from grassy fields.
We remind you of what you’ve done, are doing, and will do
as if you aren’t already aware;
We beautify our language—
speaking of “worth” and offering flattery to the Source of Life
as if it will gain us extraordinary audience.

These acts of naming sacred ground and of offering our best words
is as much for us as it is for you.
We struggle to describe what you are doing
so that it makes more sense to us.
We name your deeds and attributes
so that we may even begin to understand your Being and your Doing.
We have received breath
and by that same breath strive to understand its Giver.

Transform our praise.
Make it more than feeble attempts
at divine manipulation or rote obligation.
Spirit away ambitions that are selfish or self-aware.
By what is nameless and indescribable,
move us beyond words and notes
to illuminating connection and inner renovation.

It is in thanksgiving for your actions
and in craving your continued presence that we praise.
What we offer, you already know and have already heard.
We seek your movement, and to move as you move.

~ written by Jeff, and posted on Philosophy Over Coffee.