Prayer of Thanksgiving: John 12: 1-8

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving or an offering prayer inspired by John 12: 1-8.  It comes from resources for Lent 5C compiled by Rev. George S. Cowie, posted on the Starters for Sunday website.

Prayer of Thanksgiving
(inspired by John 12: 1-8)

Most generous God:
with thankful hearts we rejoice in your goodness towards us
and in the many blessings that we receive each day.
In love you provide for your people’s needs
and you accompany us along the way.

We give you our thanks
for the physical gifts that sustain us
and for the added blessings which make life more joyful and full.
We rejoice that you freely pour out the perfume of your love,
even though we are not worthy to receive it.

We are thankful for those who have been bountiful towards us,
giving of their time, their skills and their love.
As a token of our gladness, may we also bless others,
being generous with all that you have bestowed.

~ posted on the Starters for Sunday website of the Church of Scotland.