Feb 11, 2016

Invitation to the Table at the Start of Lent

Here’s an invitation to the Table on the first Sunday of Lent (the Sunday after many churches observe the Transfiguration of Christ).  It was written by Roddy Hamilton.

Past Glory

Where is the glory now?

All that light from last week
all that wonder
and mystery
turns to dust and ashes
and a single set of footprints in the sand

Where is the glory now?

All that revelation on the mountain top
and sharp light
turns to bread and wine
and a table waiting for those willing to pick up the cross

Let us break bread together
and begin this new journey
finding in the crumbs and the dust
the deeper, broken glory
of love’s way

~ written by Roddy Hamilton, and posted on Mucky Paws. http://www.nkchurch.org.uk/index.php/mucky-paws