Mar 3, 2017

A Prayer for the First Sunday of Lent

Here’s a prayer of confession and petition from the Godspace website.  For more great resources for Lent, visit the link below.


Prayer for the First Sunday of Lent


God, we come

with hesitant steps

and uncertain motives

to sweep out the corners

where sin has accumulated,

and uncover the ways

we have strayed from Your truth.


Expose the empty and barren places

where we don’t allow you to enter.

Reveal our half-hearted struggles

where we have been indifferent

to the suffering of others.


Nurture the faint stirrings of new life,

where your spirit has begun to grow.

Let your healing light transform us

into the image of Your Son.

For You alone can bring new life

and make us hole.

~ posted on Godspace.