Sunday Prayer: Transfiguration

Here’s a prayer for Transfiguration Sunday.  It was written by rev karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Transfiguration Prayer

Holy One,
We come before you,
many of us feeling like we have climbed just a part of the mountain,
and there is so much more of a climb left to even get to point
to dream that we might be dazzled by what is Divine.

Our loads are heavy,
with worry, with regret,
with fatigue, with illness,
with despair for all in the world
that is hurting, in danger, in bondage and more.

We trudge ahead, following you,
stumbling, hoping, praying...
breathing hard, hearts pounding, and yes,
even some of us are nimble and skipping.

Lead us Lord,
to the top of that mountain,
where we might be dazzled by your Light,
lifted by what is Divine,
filled by the sheer delight
of what is numinous and ethereal and grounded and real.

We pray this,
for ourselves, for one another,
and for the worlds in which we live in.

~ written by rev karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.