Benediction: Wedding at Cana

Here’s a closing benediction inspired by the events in John 2:1-11 (the wedding in Cana).  It was written by Katie Cook.


Closing Benediction

(inspired by John 2: 1-11)


Go now from this place, 
remembering that the God who calls us to mission
also calls us to feasting and dancing.

Let us remember that there are holy days 
described in the Jewish texts,
in which there is to be no fasting,
but eating, drinking, and sharing of miracles.

May the one who turned water into wine
turn our tedium into festival,
and show us how to alternate 
between commitment
and carnival.

May God’s will be done here where we live;

may impossible things come to pass.

May we find strength in the journey

and joy in the struggle, 
through the grace of God,

~ written by Katie Cook.  From Sacred Seasons, Pentecost/Ordinary Time 2000. Posted on Simple Living Works.