Dec 3, 2015

Christmas Pageant

If you are still looking for a Christmas Pageant idea, here’s an option.  It comes from Billy Surf Martin and his wife Jen at Third Church (Presbyterian) in Richmond, Virginia. 

I’ve included a brief synopsis from their website. You can find everything else you need at A Christmas Pageant

“All the “regulars” in last years Christmas pageant are retiring, so the head pastor is tasked with placing someone new in charge.  He selects an enthusiastic associate pastor.  On the night of the pageant, the head pastor realizes that the associate pastor has not planned anything beyond a few homemade props and dressing himself as Joseph, but the associate pastor is able to think quickly on his feet and come up with a plan.  During a short, funny time-lapse video montage we see the pastor quickly running through the halls of the church gathering people and props and assembling a complete pageant including the children’s choir and a narrator (storyteller).  The curtain opens and a beautiful, polished pageant begins, complete with a grand nativity set, produced audio/video elements, and music throughout.”