Nov 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Call to Worship

Here’s a call to worship for Thanksgiving.  It was written by Richard Bott, and posted on Gifts In Open Hands.

Call to Worship for Thanksgiving

From the eagles’ aerie, to the fishes’ deep –
from the colour drenched leaves, to the rain drenched street
(or “to the frost covered street” depending on where you live!)
with our lips, with our hearts, with our hands, with our feet –
we sing out, “ALLELUIA!”
we laugh out, “HOSANNA!”
we shout out, “THANK YOU, LOVING GOD!”

For all that was.
For all that is.
For all that will be.
Alleluia. Hosanna! THANK YOU, LOVING GOD!

For all that we were.
For all that we are.
For all that we could be!
Alleluia. Hosanna! THANK YOU, LOVING GOD!

So, together we sing…
Let it be.
Together we say…
May it always be so.
Together we shout…

~ written by Richard Bott (Vancouver, B.C.), and posted on Gifts in Open Hands.