Prayer: Remembering Hope

Here’s a prayer of petition written in the wake of the violence in France last weekend.  It was written by Erin Counihan, and was inspired by Psalm 143.

Prayer of Petition
(inspired by Psalm 143)

Hear our prayer, O Lord,
For evil is all around us, pursuing us,
crushing us low, weighing us down,
and we sit in the cloud of its heaviness and death.
Again and again, day after day,
bombing after bombing,
shooting after shooting.
Our spirits grow weak.
Our hearts are breaking.

Oh, but Lord, even in our weakness,
even in our brokenness,
even in our grief,
we remember your hope.
We remember your stories of transformation and faithfulness.
We remember you, our steady and constant love.
And so we reach out to you.
We unload our souls before you.
We empty all our emotions at your feet.

Hear our prayers, O Lord.
Heal our hearts, O Lord.
Hold our burdens, O Lord.

Show us the way we should go.
Teach us how to follow you in this time.
Guide us in faithful witness.
Inspire us to share your radical love.
Even when it is hard.
Even when it feels hopeless.
Let your good spirit lead us.

For we are your people.
We cling to you.
Hear our prayers, O Lord.

~ Adapted from Psalm 143 by Erin Counihan.  Posted on RevGalBlogPals.