Offering Prayer: Generous Giving

Here’s an offering prayer inspired by the story of the widow in Mark 12: 38-44 (Luke 21:1-4).  It comes from

Offering Prayer
(inspired by Mark 12: 38-44, Luke 21:1-4)

Forgiving God,
people give for so many reasons –
guilt, joy, obligation, gratitude,
obedience, hope, control, thankfulness. 

Remind us of your call to examine everything that we have;
after all, our money and possessions are really gifts from you. 

You call us to use them wisely –
to share them openly –
to give them generously. 

So thank you for this celebration of giving. 
Receive this offering
and release us from the foolish temptation
to believe that it is best spent on ourselves.  Amen.  

~ written by David S. Bell, and posted on