Awaiting the Coming of Christ

Here’s a reflection/poem which might serve as a call to worship for an Advent or Blue Christmas worship service.  It was written by Christine Sine after the death of her mother.  It was posted on Godspace.

Advent Reflection

On this long dark night we await the coming of Christ.
We long for the light of his presence,
With us and in us.

When our souls are deeply troubled,
and our hearts break with the weight of sorrow,
may our grief be seasoned with love,
and our sorrow be buoyed by hope.

In our times of God-forsakenness and estrangement,
May we gaze on the innocent One,
made perfect through suffering.
and see in him our vulnerable God,
who saves in weakness and pain.

May our suffering empty us of pride,
and lead us to true joy 
our only security,
in Christ the infinite depths of God’s grace.