Prayer of Thanksgiving for All Saints

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving suitable for All Saints Day.  It was written by Nathan Decker.

Prayer for All Saints

You, Lord, have called us:
voices and grandfathered whispers off yellowed pages,
guides in the desert,
faceless faith still being shared.

You, Lord, have lifted us up by your hand:
wrinkled strong hands of grandmother’s grace,
quiet prayers spoken,
lifting us up from despair.

You, Lord, have shown us light:
the light of millions of candles sharing their faith.
The light of saints past,
the living tradition of the redeemed,
the resurrection retelling,
the passing of this flame
from generation to generation.

We remember,
and because of you in them,
we walk in the candlelight of Christ. Amen.

~ from “Remembering the Saints” by Rev. Nathan Decker.  Posted on the website of the Plainfield United Methodist Church in Plainfield, Illinois.