Oct 29, 2015

Pastoral Prayer: All Saints Day

Here’s a pastoral prayer suitable for use on All Saints Day (November 1 or the Sunday closest).  It was written by Rev. Richard J. Hull II, and published on the website of the Christian Church Foundation.

All Saints: Pastoral Prayer

Holy Being,
who called all of us into life,
from the first Adam and Eve
to the babies born around the world this morning,
you have labored and we have been born;
holy is your name in all the earth.

We thank you this day for all who have shown us your way.
Abraham and Sarah heard your call and ventured new places,
even when they were old.
We listen for your call today. (Pause)

Miriam and Moses danced and led your people
from suffering toward a new promise.
We await a vision of your burning fire today. (Pause)

Deborah fought, Samuel prayed and they led in different ways.
We are preparing to lead this day. (Pause)

David and Bathsheba sinned and were forgiven.
We confess our sin and long for your grace today. (Pause)

Amos spoke and Esther stood tall for the sake of justice.
We open ourselves to your strength today. (Pause)

Mother Mary and Brother Jesus accepted your call.
We attend to your word this day. (Pause)

Peter and Paul, Magdalene and Lydia,
and saints through the ages picked up their cross.
We pray that we might faithfully follow today. (Pause)

Holy Being,
who called us to into life through the saints in our lives,
be born anew to us,
that we might serve all your saints;
the hungry and thirsty,
the sick and imprisoned,
the naked and forgotten
to honor to your holy name in all the earth. Amen.

~ from Celebrating All Saints Day: Resources for Congregational Ministry and Worship, Rev. Richard J. Hull II, Contributing Author.  Published online by Christian Church Foundation. http://www.christianchurchfoundation.org/userfiles/files/allsaintsdayworshipresource2012.pdf