Oct 5, 2015

Harvest Prayer of Confession

Here’s a prayer of confession from the Farming Community Network, suitable for a time of harvest or thanksgiving celebrations.

Prayer of Confession during Harvest

As we celebrate your goodness so we confront our own sin,
our greed and insensitivity,
our failure to appreciate what we have
and the opportunities you have given,
our readiness to complain,
our unwillingness to praise.
Father, forgive and renew us.

Food taken for granted,
work unappreciated and poorly rewarded;
self-centred blindness to other’s needs.
Deliberate deafness to the cries of the hungry,
coldness of heart to those deprived of affection,
Father, forgive and renew us.

A landscape threatened and an economy at risk;
a countryside disheartened,
its communities uncertain and confused,
its isolation and exclusion ignored.
Father, forgive and renew us.

May our sins be forgiven,
our blindness, deafness and coldness of heart be healed.
May your renewing spirit rest on us
and fill our nation with your love and hope.
In Jesus’ name. Amen

~ posted in Resources for the Celebration of Harvest Festival,” from the Farming Community Network.  http://fcn.ehclients.com/assets/Resources_for_the_Celebration_of_Harvest_Festival.pdf