Oct 21, 2018

Prayer: Open Our Eyes!

A prayer of invocation, confession and commitment inspired by Mark 10:51.  It comes from the Baptist Union of Great Britain website.

Prayer of Invocation:  Open Our Eyes!
(inspired by Mark 10:51)

“’Teacher,’ the blind man said, ‘I want to see!” Mark 10:51

Lord God, our Provider.
We worship you as the one who meets our needs,
who grants our daily bread,
who restores our humanity.

We worship you as the God who knows human need from experience,
who knows want, and thirst and humiliation.

And we worship you as your people,
in a world where wealth is mixed with poverty;
where we have all we need, but don’t know how to share.
Where want, and hunger and thirst and humiliation are hidden
from those with the power to offer challenge and bring change.

So, open our eyes.
Not only that we learn sad facts about the world.
But open the eyes of our heart,
that we may feel our place in this world, as your people.
Where there is need,
teach us to learn where our wealth lies, and help us to give.
Where there is injustice,
teach us to learn the causes, and help us to fight.
Where there is brokenness,
teach us to learn of our own brokenness, and help us to bring wholeness.

Help us to look to you,
that we neither remain ignorant of the world,
nor lose ourselves in despair at its brokenness.

Show us how to worship you,
the crucified God,
the risen God,
the God who provides.

Help us to carry our cross,
to accept your gift of new life,
to bring that gift to others.

~ from the Baptist Union of Great Britain website. http://www.baptist.org.uk/