Sep 10, 2015

A Prayer for the People of Syria

Almighty and all powerful God, creator of the world and the nations
We bring before you all those caught up in the conflict in Syria.

We pray for an immediate ceasefire,
for an end to violence against all civilians.
Give humanitarian organisations the space
to assess the needs of those living in poverty and insecurity.

We pray for those who are experiencing the pain of personal loss,
for families who are mourning the loss of loved ones
Comfort especially those who have friends and family members missing.

We pray for those caught up in the cycle of violence and bloodshed:
give them a just peace.

We pray for those forced to flee their homes:
keep them safe on their travels and arrival in foreign lands.

We pray for those in positions of power
who have the means to make a difference:

Guide the United Nations,
and governments whose intervention might bring about peace.

We pray for the future of all countries
where people have been willing to challenge unfair and unjust governments
We ask that the outcome will be a better future for all,
and that the poor and marginalised will experience new lives of dignity and hope.

And we pray for ourselves, that we will not ignore their pleas for help,
and that we may play our part in bringing about the change that they want to see.