A Prayer for Immigrants and Refugees

The unfolding events in Europe and the Mediterranean have brought the plight of refugees and immigrants before us in new ways in recent days.  Here’s a prayer for those who find themselves fleeing their homelands. It originally appeared on the Justice for Immigrants website.

Prayer for Immigrants

Our God, you have given us in your word
the stories of persons who needed to leave their homelands—
Abraham, Sarah, Ruth, Moses.

Help us to remember
that when we speak of immigrants and refugees,
we speak of Christ.

In the One who had no place to lay his head,
and in the least of his brothers and sisters,
you come to us again, a stranger seeking refuge.

We confess that we often turn away.

You have chosen that the life of Jesus be filled
with events of unplanned travel and flight from enemies.

You have shown us through the modeling of Jesus
how we are called to relate to persons from different nations and cultures.
You have called us to be teachers of your word.

We ask you, our God, to open our minds and hearts
to the challenge and invitation
to model your perfect example of love.

~ adapted from Justice for Immigrants, “Prayer and Liturgy Suggestions,” originally posted on the Justice for Immigrants website. https://justiceforimmigrants.org/ 
Available now on the NC Council of Churches website.