Mother's Day Prayer: The Heart of God

Here’s a Mother’s Day prayer from Christine Sine and the Godspace website.

Mother’s Day Prayer

God with a mother’s heart,
You gather us as your children.
You comfort and hold us in your warm embrace.
When we hurt, your arms enfold us.
When we are afraid, your wings protect us.
When we are hungry, you feed us with the bread of life.

God with a mother’s heart,
You love surrounds and supports us,
In good times and in tough,
In the midst of joy and pain,
Always and everywhere.
You will never leave nor abandon us.

God eternal and loving one,
God with a mother’s heart,
We thank you this day
For being part of your family.

~ written by Christine Sine, and posted on Godspace.  See the link for other thoughtful Mother’s Day resources.