Opening Prayer: Doubters and Questioners

Here’s an opening prayer for Easter 2 from Rev Karla.  It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Opening Prayer
(inspired by John 20: 19-31)

Holy One, 
On this Eastertide morning, we come to you,
singing alleluias, celebrating new life all around us,
not quite believing it all, but going along with it, just the same. 

We celebrate the doubters and questioners among us, 
who simply keep our faith real,
who demand that we live our believing
into faith that works towards justice and peace, 
and making sure that the hungry are nourished and loved. 

We celebrate the saints among us, 
whose courageous faith 
flies without a safety net,
reminding us that true discipleship is risky and radical
in the face of a world held hostage by greed, love of power, and denial.

We are your Easter people, Holy One. 
Doubters, saints, sinners, questioners, spiritual and religious,
who skip, run, and stumble on the journey. 
We pray that whoever we are this journey,
that you might open our ears and eyes
to your call,
to be Your love,
where ever we are. 
In the name of Christ we pray,

~ written by Rev Karla, and posted on RevGalBlogPals.