Prayer of Confession: Lent 4 B

Here’s a prayer of confession inspired by two of the suggested scripture readings for Lent 4, Year B – Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-16.  It was written by Amy Loving and posted on The Worship Closet. See below for link.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Numbers 21:4-9 and John 3:14-16)

we confess that we are an impatient and selfish people. 
When you offer us the promise of a new future,
we complain that you don’t get there fast enough. 
When you provide for our needs,
we complain that it isn’t enough. 
And when our bad attitudes and negative outlooks cause us to stumble,
we blame you. 

Holy God, forgive our sinful ways. 
Teach us to be patient. 
Instruct us to be grateful. 
Guide us to be responsible and humble. 
As we turn ourselves around and look to the cross,
let us experience your grace and your gift of new life. 
In the name of Christ our Savior, we pray.  Amen. 

~ written by Amy Loving, and posted on The Worship Closet: The Place for Creative Worship Ideas.