Prayer of Confession for Palm Sunday

Here’s a prayer of confession from Rev. Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy. It is inspired by events in Mark 10-11.

Prayer of Confession
(inspired by Mark 10:32 – 11:11)

Holy one, beloved of God,
we rally to your side cheering and waving,
caught up in the excitement and the drama of the procession. 
We join the procession
with prophecy and song echoing in our minds:
singing of the triumph of God
over the enemies who have held us captive. 
We cry, "Hosanna!  Save us!"
while believing ourselves saved already.

In your mercy, O Christ, forgive us.

Forgive us the desire for power,
and the willingness to replace one empire with another.
Forgive us when we think that knowing you for a long time
means a privileged place in your Kingdom.
Forgive us when we would push away those who seek to know you;
when we consider others too sinful, too distasteful,
too blind to be part of our company.
Forgive us when our desire to follow
ends with the joyful procession,
and refuses to hear about the inevitable outcome
of speaking truth to the powerful,
or speaking love to the fearful.
Forgive us our failure to follow.
Forgive us our failure to love. 

Assurance of Pardon
The eyes of the blind shall be opened,
and the ears of the deaf unstopped. 
Even we shall believe,
even we shall be led back to faith,
by the grace and mercy of the one
who never stops seeking after this beloved Creation. 
We are loved, we are forgiven.
Thanks be to God!  Amen.

~ written by Eliza Buchakjian-Tweedy, Senior Pastor at First Church Congregational, Rochester, NH.  She blogs at