Litany of Confession: Exodus 20: 1-17

Here’s a litany of confession inspired by Exodus 20:1-17.  It was written by Amy Loving, and posted on the Worship Closet.

(inspired by Exodus 20:1-17)

God of all Good Gifts,
you call us to be generous people;
but instead, we covet what others have.
Forgive our selfish ways,
and teach us to give.
God of Perfection,
you call us to be honest in all we say and do;
but instead, we tell lies that hurt our neighbors.
Forgive our deceitful ways,
and teach us to speak the truth in love..
God of Benevolence, you call us to provide for those in need;
but instead, we swindle and steal.
Forgive our double-dealing ways,
and teach us to share.
God of the Covenant,
you call us to be faithful in our relationships with others;
but instead, we are disloyal.
Forgive our adulterous ways,
and teach us to honor our commitments.
God of Creation,
you call us to value the lives of others;
 but instead, we work to destroy those who are different
and annihilate those with whom we disagree.
Forgive our murderous ways,
and teach us to seek reconciliation and peace.
God of our Ancestors,
you call us to respect those who have gone before us;
but instead, we dismiss the wisdom of our elders.
Forgive our impertinent ways,
and teach us to be humble.
God of Time and Space,
you call us to recognize creation’s dependence on you;
but instead, we work without pausing to reflect or give thanks.
Forgive our ungrateful ways,
and teach us to both receive and provide times of holy rest.
God of the Sacred Name,
you call us to hold your name in reverence;
but instead, we vainly attach your name
to every personal, political, and religious agenda we promote.
Forgive our arrogant ways,
and teach us to submit to your authority.
God of Limitless Possibilities,
you call us to celebrate your Unbounded Spirit;
but instead, we try to define who you are
and make you to be something we can manage.
Forgive our small-mindedness and idol-making ways,
and teach us to imagine.
God of Deliverance and Might,
you call us to devote ourselves to you;
but instead, we abandon you for lesser gods.
Forgive our wandering ways,
and teach us to love and follow you alone.

 ~ written by Amy Loving, and posted on The Worship Closet: The Place for Creative Worship Ideas.