Prayer of Thanksgiving: Eagles' Wings

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving inspired by Isaiah 40:27-31.  It was written by Mark D. Roberts, and posted on The High Calling.

On Eagles’ Wings
(inspired by Isaiah 40: 27-31)

O Lord, you have indeed carried me on your wings.
By your mercy, you have delivered me from sin and death.
You have set me free from their bondage.
Once I was a slave, but now I am free to be your servant.
Thank you, Lord.

Even as I seek to live faithfully as a child of the new covenant,
help me to live each day by grace.
May I continue to ride on your wings
as you guide and empower me to serve you in every aspect of my life.
All praise be to you, gracious Lord,
because you carry me on your wings.
 Alleluia! Amen.