Prayer for Eagles' Wings

Here’s a prayer inspired by Isaiah 40:27-31.  It was posted on In Praise of Sophia.

Prayer for Eagles’ Wings
(inspired by Isaiah 40: 27-31)

You lift us up to the heights, Holy One.
On wings like eagles you enable us to
soar with the possibilities
of revolution, of transformation
both within our own souls
and within this world which needs so much care.

And yet it is not the bright skies
where we most often live.
We are here with our feet on the ground—
your feet planted firmly beside us
as we try to walk without fainting:
walk through the shadows of
death and ill-health and addiction;
walk through life changes:
moves, births, aging, loss.

We need your strength to not grow weary
as we continue to hope for new life
amidst old attitudes and injuries.
We long to run and not grow faint
as we challenge demeaning political tirades
that seep into our own daily encounters;
and as we work for your compassion and wholeness
for all people, and all creatures, and the very earth.

Lift us up to the heights, Holy One,
so we may again catch a glimpse
of the vast possibilities
of your Shalom
even as we pray for it here on earth
by saying: (to Lord’s Prayer)