Unison Reading: Called by God

Here’s a unison reading on the call of God.  It was posted on Consider Your Call.

Called by God

O God, giver of all good gifts,
you have given me life.
You have bestowed upon me your love
and that love includes your plans for me.

What am I to do?
All life is a call and a response.
I pray for grace to hear God’s voice
and a heart to respond.
I am ready to listen.

Help me to listen to the rhythm of each day, day by day,
so that I am not overwhelmed with thoughts of the future.
Yet guide me into that future so that I know who and whose I am.

I shall listen.
I shall listen to the voices of those witnesses who have lived before me.
I shall listen to those who are here to give me guidance and encouragement,
for it is clear that whatever plans you have for me,
I will never journey alone.

I will listen to my feelings as I grow and change,
processes that I know will be lifelong.
I shall listen to you.

And even though I want easy answers,
I know that what you want is a relationship.
So when I answer you,
may my response be to my potential
and to your love of all creatures on your good earth.
Let me serve with the gifts you give me.

O God, I know that vocation is truly a gift of your love.
What am I to do?
I am ready to listen.