Prayer for Others: Why?

Here’s a prayer for others based from Bruce Prewer’s Homepage (see below for link).

Prayer for Others

We can always be honest with God.
Let us pray.

Is this really the best possible world, Creator-God?
Why are there devastating viruses and pernicious bacteria?
Why are there so many natural disasters?
Why do you put up with individual and corporate evil?
Why do you tolerate the arrogance of the strong and the humiliation of the weak?
Why do your permit abuse and war to rage across the planet?

Loving God,
even as we ask these questions we know there will be no answer,
except the one you have given in the cross
and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.
Help us to trust that declaration of your utter commitment to us,
and to turn our questions into the effective practice of love for one another.
May every “why” engender not frustration
but a deeper sharing in your compassion for this world.

Wherever sin abounds,
please let grace abound all the more.
Whenever people are despised and abused,
let justice and mercy restore self-respect.
Where little children weep,
mothers and fathers lament,
and even strong believers are tempted by despair,
let comfort and hope proliferate.

While some fight demons of the mind,
and others fight against diseases of the body,
let all the powers and skills of healing be focused
on those who need them most.
When the sinned-against folk are deeply bruised,
and some brood on their anger and plot revenge,
send the spirit of reconciliation among your people.

Wherever faith is new and fragile,
and love needs patient nurturing,
please keep your church keen and humble
in its duty of care for the little ones in Christ’s kingdom.

Redeeming Friend,
enable each person in the many churches scattered among the nations,
to tighten their faith,
heighten their hope,
and widen their love,
to your honour and praise.
Through Christ Jesus our Lord.  Amen!

~ written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on Bruce Prewer’s Home Page.