Christmas Prayer: Bethlehem, House of Bread

Here’s is a prayer of Thanksgiving for the Christmas season, from Kate Compston and the Bread for the World website.

Christmas Prayer

Thank you,
Scandalous God,
For giving yourself to the world,
Not in the powerful and extraordinary,
But in weakness and the familiar:
In a baby; in bread and wine.

Thank you
For offering, at journey’s end, a new beginning;
For setting, in the poverty of a stable,
The richest jewel of your love;
For revealing, in a particular place,
Your light for all nations.

Thank you
For bringing us to Bethlehem, House of Bread,
Where the empty are filled,
And the filled are emptied;
Where the poor find riches,
And the rich recognize their poverty;
Where all who kneel and hold out their hands
Are unstintingly fed.

~ written by Kate Compston, from Bread of Tomorrow.  Posted on Bread for the World.