Nov 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Prayer: To the Lord of the Harvest

Here’s a prayer of intercession for thanksgiving.

Prayer to the Lord of the Harvest

Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings.
Our land will yield its bountiful harvest. Psalm 85:12

Lord of the harvest,
we rejoice in the bounty of your world;
we thank you for the rich harvests it produces.

As we do so,
we remember those who do not have enough,
the thousands who are daily dying of hunger.
We pray for those who have more than they require,
for ourselves and our churches.

Show us what needs to be done,
and how to share the world’s harvest more fairly.
Teach us to value people more than things.

Above all, help us to set our hearts
on your kingdom of love and justice,
and to seek to do your will here on earth,
as servants of Jesus Christ our Lord.

~ from A Treasury of Prayer, compiled by Tony Castle (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1983), 179.