Sep 10, 2014

Prayer for Terrorists and Terrorism

Almighty God, Lord of all compassion,
events in recent weeks remind us
that we continue to live in a broken and deeply divided world.
We cannot comprehend what drives people to acts of terror and destruction,
and to a willingness to kill and maim innocent people
in the name of religion. 

As Jesus commanded,
we pray for our enemies and those who wish us ill;
we pray for an end to hatred and needless violence;
we pray for children left orphaned, and bereaved parents;
we pray for those who live with physical and mental scars of terrorism.

And we also pray for those who work to relieve the suffering.
Pour your Spirit on us
to enable us and all your people
to work for justice and true peacemaking,
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

~ inspired by a prayer posted on the website of the NSW Council of Churches in 2011.