Aug 14, 2014

Intergenerational Ten Commandments

Here’s a re-working of the ten commandments from Carolyn Brown’s Worshiping with Children website.

Intergenerational Ten Commandments
(Exodus 20: 1-20)

God is God – even at school!

God is more important than anything
      – even grades or friends

Always say God’s name respectfully

Don’t get too busy for church

Speak of your father and mother with love

Don’t hurt anyone
      watch where you sling your book bag and
      lookout for the younger kids

Be a loyal friend

Do not steal
      either other people’s stuff or the answers on their work

Don’t tell lies about other people
       either to get them in trouble or make yourself look good

Don’t get jealous of what others have or what they can do

~ written by Carolyn Brown, and posted on Worshiping with Children.