Jun 27, 2014

Scripture Litany: Psalm 104

Here’s a responsive litany from Psalm 104.

Scripture Litany
(inspired by Psalm 104:1, 5-15, 24, 27-28, 31)

Praise the Lord!
O Lord my God, how great you are!
You placed the world on its foundation
so it would never be moved.
You clothed the earth with floods of water—
water that covered even the mountains.
At your command, the water fled;
at the sound of your thunder, it hurried away.
Mountains rose and valleys sank to the levels you decreed.
Then you set a firm boundary for the seas,
so they would never again cover the earth.
You make springs pour water into the ravines,
so streams gush down from the mountains.
They provide water for all the animals—,
even the wild donkeys quench their thirst.
The birds nest beside the streams
and sing among the branches of the trees.
You send rain on the mountains from your heavenly home,
and you fill the earth with the fruit of your labor.
You cause grass to grow for the livestock
and plants for people to use.
You allow them to produce food from the earth—
wine to make them glad,
olive oil to soothe their skin,
and bread to give them strength.

O Lord, what a variety of things you have made!
In wisdom you have made them all.
The earth is full of your creatures.
They all depend on you to give them food as they need it.
When you supply it, they gather it.
You open your hand to feed them,
and they are richly satisfied.

May the glory of the Lord continue forever!
May the Lord take pleasure in all he has made!