Jun 27, 2014

Prayers of the People: For Our Land

Our gracious God,
we thank you today for the land in which we live.
We thank you for the freedoms which are ours,
for the multitude of opportunities presented to each of us,
for a land of abundance.

Forgive us for our lack of creativity
in sharing the nation’s bounties inequitably,
for tarnishing our political process with greed,
for failing the needy.

Save us from that litany of destructive behaviours
which St. Paul outlined:
  enmities, strife, jealousy, anger,
  quarrels, dissension, factions, envy,
  and all that would undo us.

Lead us instead to strive for the fruits of the spirit.
  Help us to develop loving behaviours
    which demonstrate care and compassion for others.
  Help us in an over-serious and gloomy world to know real joy
    because you help us overcome the world.
  Help us to work for peace in a world which seems to prefer violence.
  Help us, in our hurry up world, to develop patience
    and to learn that all does not have to be completed in our hurry up time.
  Help us to demonstrate kindness to all
    and especially to those with whom we find it especially difficult to be kind.
  Help us to learn generosity with our resources
    but help us especially to learn how to be generous
    in our attitudes and behaviours toward people.
  And help us to be faithful, gentle, and self-controlled.

O God, raise our national vision.
Give us tolerance and understanding for all peoples.
May we hold dear for all people the freedoms we cherish. Amen.

~ written by Richard Einerson, and posted on Richard Einerson: Prayers of the People. http://www.richardeinerson.com/einerson_007.htm